Mighty Mitochondria

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Cell Biology

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Mighty Mitochondria

The Mighty MitochondriaBy: Tyler Hatton

Mitochondria are the best, there's no denying it. They provide ATP, the energy cells need for metabolic processes, for nearly all organisms by using up excess Glucose. It is theorized that Mitochondria used to be their own prokaryotes, organisms that didn't have their own nucleus. But that didn't stop other cells from wanting them, oh no, they liked mitochondria so much that they absorbed them millions of years ago and made them a fundamental part of eukaryotes today. In fact, without Mitochondria, all complex life on the planet would die because their cells would not have the ability to produce enough ATP for metabolic processes even with the help of enzymes.The Very Thing That Keeps Us AliveOur cells need energy a.k.a ATP. Lots of it. Without ATP, our cells wouldn't be able to function properly. If our cells burn themselves out using energy that they don't have to maintain their metabolism, they die. When our cells die, we die too. If only plant cells lost their mitochondria, plant eaters would have nothing to eat which mean they die of starvation. When they die, an entire ecosystem is thrown out of order and populations would drop rapidly, ending in extinction. And this is only if mitochondria were not present in plants. Everything would die out as ATP becomes harder for organisms to attain and maintain homeostasis.Basically, all complex life would die without mitochondria.

The Structure and Its FunctionOuter Membrane: Encloses the organelle to provide a stable environmentInter Membrane: Separates outer and inner membraneInner Membrane: Separates the matrix from inter membraneRibosomes: Perform protein synthesisDNA: Provide the genetic code of the organelleMatrix: Contains the proteins that needed for ATP synthesisCristae: Inner Membrane 'compartments' that increase surface area

The Mighty Mito-PlanIf elected as the best organelle, Mitochondria will uphold a promise of cooperation. It will work with chloroplast in out plant cells, breaking down glucose and creating an almost limitless supply of energy. It will provide energy for ribosomes to synthesize proteins. It will provide ATP for all organisms to maintain homeostasis so that all life may prosper.

Why Mitochondria are BetterDefects in the cell membrane can disrupt membrane traffic. Golgi can synthesize and secrete proteins improperly. Defects in the cytoskeleton can cause neurodegeneration. Lysosomal storage diseases can cause a buildup of unwanted substances in cells. Ribosomes synthesize viral proteins when viral RNA is introduced to them.With this is in mind, are they better than mitochondria? No.

Any and all information was taken from student's notes



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