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Social Studies
World War II

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Miep Gies

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Miep Gies was born in Vienna, February 15th 1909, to Austrian parents.

The annex was raided by the Nazis on August 4, 1944, and both families were sent to concentration camps. Miep found Anne's diary shortly after they were taken by the Nazi's. Miep took the diary and kept it safe for when Anne would come back. Miep didn't hesitate, and didn't read one page from the diary, but instead she preserved it. After the war only Otto returned, weak, fragile, and in starvation. Both Otto and Miep were terribly devastated to hear that the rest of the family were perished in the concentration camp.

On July 16, 1941, after a long and a hard time struggling to afford their marriage Miep Gies and Jan Gies got married.

In 1933 the Holocaust started which forced jewish people to obey several laws and rules.She got a job in a textile office and worked there until she was 24. In 1933 Miep Gies met Otto Frank and started working for him as his secretary in Amsterdam, she and Otto became very great friends including with his family.

Miep Gies passed away in a nursing home after she was suffering a fall at the age of 100.


Taken Away

World War 1

She had to move to the Netherlands to a foster family because of the World War 1 In 1920, and she was placed in the Nieuwenburg family in Leiden. She finished school when she was 18 years old, and visited her biological parents time to time

On June of 1942, considering the situation for the Jews, the Frank family and the Vann Dan family went into hiding in a secret annex behind a book shelf in a office building owned by Otto Frank. Miep Gies promised and committed to help the Frank and Vann Dan family, and keeping them safe. She did this by providing income and making the building a low-profile hub of activity, and providing food and clothing for the Frank and Vann Dan Family with the help of other co-workers.

Time Line


Miep gave Otto Anne's diary, and he edited and published the book in 1947.

Otto kept living with the Gieses until 1953, and Miep Gies gave birth to her and Jan Gies's son, Paul, in 1952.





Miep Gies ' Holland NazificationBy Celine de Rouen 7B

Juliana was born in The Hague on 30 April 1909, the only daughter of Queen Wilhelmina of the Netherlands and Duke Henry of Mecklenburg-Schwerin

In 1914 World War 1 had begun, and Holland was flooded with Nazis. This war took 4 years until they could live in peace again in 1918.

Miep Gies died on January 11, 2010, in a nursing home after a fall, just a month shy of her 101st birthday.

The moving diary of Anne Frank, a Jewish victim of the Holocaust, is now available in British book shops entitled The Diary of a Young Girl.

The book was first published in Dutch in 1947 under the title Het Achterhuis (The Secret House) by her father Otto Frank, who survived the concentration camps.

IN 1944 the Nazis occupy Hungary and begin the mass deportation of about 440,000 Jews from Hungary. The Holocaust ended in 1945 when the Nazis were defeated by the Western allies powers.

In 1942, the Japanese forces to declasre war against the Netherlands. They invaded the Dutch East Indies which caused the Jews to go to the extermination camps. Morality in Holland had become a choice between two evils. 99% of the Dutch people the Nazi occupation was a despicable imposition on the Netherlands. The other choice was to collaborate with the Nazi occupiers which would earn you the contempt of your family and former friends, but it might help to feed your family. The alternative evil choice was to try to undermine the Nazi occupation. This was the brave and by most standards the only right)choice, but it could easily lead to death.

Early in 1941, the Dutch Party called “Nationaal Socialistische Beweging” (NSB) began to undertake serious and severe assaults on the country’s Jewish population mainly concentrating its efforts on Amsterdam. Anti-Jewish placards were hung up on coffee houses and shops:

The Holocaust began in 1933 when Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany. The Holocaust forced Jewish to obey hundreds of rules. In addition to Jews, the Nazis targeted Gypsies, homosexuals, Jehovah's Witnesses, and the disabled for persecution. Anyone who resisted the Nazis was sent to forced labor or murdered.








World War 1


Dear Diary, The days have gone by so rapidly and and taking care of eight Jews has become harder and harder everyday. I dont know how much longer I can afford and provide for them. Today was just like every other day for the last year, I woke up, went to the food market, and bought 8 pieces of tuber. Life was dense and compressed, to cater 8 jews, if only the British would start the invasion soon before all the Jews are killed from starvation, thirst, and exhaustion life would be a lot simpler and easier, but I hope for the best. -Miep Gies


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