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Miep Gies





This poem reveals the foundation of the relationship between the Franks and Miep Gies- one based on Loyalty and Trust. During the time of World War, it is hard to trust anybody, especially to trust somebody with your life. Given the circumstances, Otto Frank had no other choice but to place himself and his familly fully in the hands of foreigners. Easily, Miep and the other helpers could have given the Jews over to the SS, becuase it would have lessened their burden and kept them safe. Truly, "without loyalty, all is lost" (line 6).

LoyaltyBy Terry L. Sledge The rare ability to always be true, To another, no matter what they do. Giving to another your total trust, Always standing for what is just. To stand with your friend at all cost, Realizing without loyalty, all is lost.


-Born Hermine Santruschitz, Feburary 15, 1909 in Vienna, Austria- Hungary--During WWI, birth Parents were unable to provide for young Hermine so they sent her to foster parents, the Nieuwenhuises, who lived in the Netherlands-She had a chance to come back to Austria but chose not to becuase she was "Dutch at Heart" already -Spouse: Jan Gies, married July 16, 1941-Died January 11 2010 at age 100 in the Netherlands


She is best known for her work with hiding Anne Frank, and other Jewish refugees during the Hitler persecution of the Jews in WWII. -Age 24: Hired by Otto Frank, Jewish owner of the Nederlandsche Opekta company (makes Jam)-Age 32: Otto Frank asks newly weds Miep and Jan Gies if they will help hide him and his family. During the hiding, Miep, husband Jan Gies, Victor Kugler, Johannes Kleiman, and Bep Voskuijl took care Franks. -At one point there were eleven people hiding in the Secret Annex, which was concealed by a bookcase. In the morning, Miep would come and collect the grocery list, and speak to them about the outside world. She would shop for them during the day, and bring it back to them so they could eat. She also delivered mail between Mr. Pfteffer (one of the Jews) and his non-Jewish wife, who continued to live outside. After the betrayal and arrest. Miep and Bep, the two helpers not taken away by the SS police, continued the duties of business for the Jam company all by herself. Taking on the duties of 4 people.

Miep Gies

Who was She?

What has she done?

Anne Frank

Miep Gies, ages 16, early 20s, 36

How has this affected me?

Miep Gies has taught me through her kind heart and willingness to help, how important it is to help others. It is true that we have family, but in a time like this, how could Otto Frank save his family? Even if he sacraficed himself it would not save his loved ones. In a time of war, Miep gave up her safety, her time, her energy, and heart to help this family. She was able to look beyond the mere identity of them as Jews and see in them what others could not see- a human. In modern day, peer pressure through Media and social networking, can confuse us of what is right. It is up to us to hold to our morals that we know. For Miep, all of the German authorites spoke of the Jews as inhumane creatures punishable to death in a work camp. Many people believed this but not Miep. Her kind, compassionate heart is worthy to be praised. Also, around the younger crowd, the issue of gossiping is a problem. Many people are bi-polar, and even backstabbers. The loyalty among "friends" is withering. Miep showed the utmost loyalty and dedication to her boss, going above and beyond her job description. Miep encourages me to be a better person, to hold loyal to what I have, and to persevere for what I love.

Miep describing the day of the arrest



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