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World War II

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Miep Gies Timeline



After World War one, Hermine Santruschitz also known as Miep Gies, was sent to the Netherlands in 1920 by her parents to recover from War. At first, Hermine lived with a group of Austrian malnourished children. After a while, she was adopted and called Miep.

In the year1933, she met Otto Frank in Amsterdam. Otto introduced Miep to his family, the Frank family. Miep Gies became the secretary of Otto Frank in his company named Opekta.

In 1942, Otto Frank asked Miep Gies if she could support his family in going into hiding. Without any hesitation, Miep committed to help his family. This brave woman was aware of the consequences she would receive if the Nazis found out about this. Soon after Miep agreed to help the Frank family go in hiding, she stored most of the clothes from them in her house for safe keeping. Miep Gies and three other colleagues did not only help the Frank family, also the Van Pels family and later on Fritz Pfeffer. Above the front office was, where they were hiding, the secret Annex. Miep was the one who would bring them food, water, books and everything they asked for. Since the war was happening, everyone had rations of how much food they could receive. Miep had a difficult time supporting the families with food. Regardless if she did not know the other family, Miep still helped them in any possible way.

Born on the fifteenth of February, 1909 in Vienna was the woman who survived two World Wars. Miep Gies


Meets Frank family


Franks into hiding



Miep Gies

To Netherlands


Holland Nazification



On July 16th 1941, Miep Gies married a man named Jan Gies.




End of War

On July 19th, 1950 Paul Gies was born. Paul was the son of Miep and Jan Gies.

In the summer of 1945, Otto Frank returned from the concentration camps. He brought back terrible new, he was the ony survivor of his whole family.

January 11th 2010, Miep Gies passed away in a nursing home. At the age of one hundred, she has left behind a great legacy by risking her own life for people in need.


In January, 1933 Hitler is apointed chancellor of Germany. The Nazis burn down the Reichstag to create a crisis atmosphere allowing Hitler to gain dictational powers. Hitler and the Nazis create a law that all people who are: alcoholics, beggars, homeless, criminals or Jewish must go to concentration camps.

Nazi Attacked

In 1941, a Nazi police officer was driven away from Koco in Amsterdam by some young Jews

Japan Declares War

In 1942, the Japanese forces declare war against the Netherlands. They invaded the Dutch East Indies which caused the Jews to be transported to extermination camps.

In 1945, the RAF bombed the Netherlands and the Nazi occupiers are executed. Also, the Netherlands becomes a fighting site between their allied forces and Germany.

Bombed the Hague

In 1950, the Netherlands joined the Nato which is the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation.



In 2010, 12 Somali men were arrested in Rotterdam on suspicion of terrorism involvement.

Dutch Government


In 1920, the Dutch Government refused to hand over the dethroned German monarch.

Juliana was born in the Hague on 30 April 1909, the onl daughter of queen Wiherlmina of the Netherlands and duke Henry of Mecklenburg-Schwerin


Amsterdam January 5th, 1934Dear diary,As the days go by, I feel myself growing weaker and weaker. I don't know how much longer I can put up with all this. There are eight people depending on me, this responsibiity is very high and I cannot let them down. Today was another typical day. As I was on the way to the secret Annex to deliver they're special requests, a beggar aproached me. He asked for some of the bread I had in my hand.I knew that I couldn't give him any, because there would not be enough to feed eight starving malnourished people. The beggar informed me that he had to feed his baby who was in an extremely poor condition and about to die. In his hand, he held the skeletal baby. The baby was too weak to cry or move an inch. I couldn't stand this any longer, I gave him some of the bread an immediately took off. As I arrived at the Annex, Otto had noticed that there was a piece of bread missing. Kindly, he kept it to himself because he knew what I have done and he also knew how Mrs. van Pels would react if she found out. The large family started eating the bread and potatoes I had brought. I left and returned to work downstairs in my office, yet again acting as if everything were normal in this building. Suddenly, a Nazi officer apeared in front of the building. Inside I was yelling for the lord to save me but on the outside I remained calm and friendly. I offered him a cup of tea while he was examining my desk for anything which looked suspicious in his eyes. A noise came from above, something like a cup falling. It must have been Anne. Horrified, I distracted the officer and asked him to look at the poster I have created.He wondered what was happening up there and asked if he could take a look. I quickly lied and told him that the staircase to upstairs was sealed off. He bought it and just left. I think that he didn't decide to be a Nazi, but was forced to. Now I am on my bed with Jan, thinking about when this war will finally end, never knowing what will happen next. I wish for a peaceful life for my future child and not the life of Otto, his family and many others. If only the British woud start the invasion sooner, all of our lives would be much better.Yours truly,Miep

Diary Entry of Miep Gieswritten by me


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