Midwest Region

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Midwest Region

Midwest Region

The Missouri Riveris the longest river in the United States.

The Coney Dog is topped with chili meat, onions, and yellow mustard.

Most of the midwest has flat rollling land with not many trees. Since prarie grass covers most of the land it makes the soil very fertile..

There are German and Swedish imigrants in the midwest. The Germans introduced foods like Sausage,brats, and sauerkraut. They also like to eat Chicago Style Pizza.

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The StatesNorth Dakota, Michigan,South Dakota, Indiana, Nebraska, Ohio,Kansas, Kentucky,Minnesota, Iowa,Missouri, Wisconsin,Illinois.

The midwest has lots of Iron orethey turn it into steel.

The soil is the most important resource for the midwest! Iron ore when made into steel is used for cars and trucks.

The Great Plains soil is not fertile it is also higher and drier.

The midwest has the largest mall in America. It has 520 stores, 50 restraunts, 14 movie theaters and a amusment park!

People travel on the waterways because it is less exspensive.The Mississippi river goes 2,300 miles through the Central Plains to the Gulf of Mexico.

Mount Rushmore has George Washington,Thomas Jefferson,Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln on it.


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