Middle East Respiratory Syndrome

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Middle East Respiratory Syndrome

Middle East Respiratoy SyndromeCecilia Conway - Begum - 2nd PeriodDue Monday, February 8th

Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, or MERS, is a respiratory illness that is caused by a virus in the family of the coronavirus (viruses that typically cause respiratory problems). Most cases occur in and around the Arabian Peninsula, and cases outside this area have been attributed to travel. People can contract MERS from contact with infected people or camels and bats, known animal carriers of this disease. MERS can affect anyone of any age.


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10. As MERS mostly develops in the area near the Arabian Peninsula, we should have everyone coming from those areas immediately report if they begin to have symptoms.11. After flights, provide passengers with a form to fill out if they suspect they're infected. They can send in the form via a paid postage envelope to receive a health screening as soon as possible.


3. No cure or vaccine has been developed, but the US Institute of National Health may develop one.4. Preventive measures one can take are basic hygiene (hand washing), avoiding personal contact with sick people, and avoiding international travel to affected areas5. Some people who contract MERS can recover, while some develop more serious complications and die. Three to four of every ten infected have died. People with existing medical conditions have an increased risk of having a worse condition.

1. People can contract MERS from being in affected areas, around infected people, bats, and camels.2. Symptoms include coughing,fever, shortness of breath, nausea and vomiting, and some develop pneumonia or kidney problems.

6. To diagnose MERS, a doctor will perform a physical exam, listen to your lungs with a stethescope or may take a chest x-ray.7. No blood testing, but samples of the patient's sputum will be tested for final confirmation of the virus.8. This disease's duration can be from 6-14 days, if the patient recovers.9. Infected persons can taken antiviral medications to reduce symptoms.

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Map showing Ariabian Peninsula

Hand washing is a good preventive measure

Doctors use stethescopes to listen to people's lungs forfluids or anything else abnormal

Simulated photo of the MERS virus

Coughing is one of the many MERS symptoms

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