Middle class Struggle

by pinelane
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Social Studies

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Middle class Struggle

Middle Class Struggle

Many American households have felt the strain on the United States economy. American families have been crippled under the rising inflation rate in our country's economy. With expenses rising over 32% or $10,600, middle class families will not trive economicaly speaking. Along with housing bills the heath care fees have skyrocketed increasing 87%. When the trend of gaining tens of percents in a 12 year span continue American families with not be able to scrape by. To be considered middle class the household needs to make an income of atleast $46,000 an individual needs to make $32,000. With rising expenses middle class families will and have been forced into the lower class

Our Economy has been weakened causing the middle class to feel a strain because many companies and jobs have been sent overseas. Along with this many Americans have been forced out of work because of a competitive job market and workers being outsourced from other countries to the United States.


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