Middle Childhood

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Middle Childhood

Physical Physical development during middle childhood is highly individualized. Some children experience rapid growth spurts while others grow more slowly

Milestones1. Understands concepts of right and wrong.2. Motor skills are better integrated.3. Use language as a communication tool.4. Begin understanding social roles.5. More effective coping skills.

CongitiveShow rapid development of mental skills.Learn better ways to describe experiences and talk about thoughts and feelings.

Social & PersonalityYouth develop reciprocal understandings of others through family and peer interactions, deepening same-sex friendships, and seeking fairness in their family, school, and peer groups.

Middle ChildhoodAges 6-8 year oldsLaura Payne

Important Facts 1. Parents can help make schools healthier. 2. Children play less fantasy games and more team sports.3.Rate of growth slows relative to infancy & early childhood.4. Rate is roughly 2-3 inches in height and 5 lbs per year.5. The language development in middle school age children is great.

Build a Structure Activity During this activity children are building their own structure. They will create their structures out of tooth picks and marshmallows. This activity allows the middle childhood child to foster their creativity and logic. During this activity the children are also working on their fine and gross motor skills. This activity will allow them to explore the world around them and create it the way they view it from their own eyes.

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