Middle Childhood

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Middle Childhood

Ages 7 to 11

CognitiveChildren in this stage should be able to think in an organized and logical manner in regards to concrete information. They should also be exhibiting more effective spatial reasoning. Children in this stage of development should also be making decisions more efficiently, and require less direction from an adult.

PhysicalThe skills associated with athleticism, such as catching, throwing, kicking, etc are present in this stage of development. Children should be encouraged to eat in a healthy manner to support the rapid growth in their bodies. Girls experience a growth spurt, typically, between ages 9 and 10. Boys experience a similar growth spurt between ages 11 and 12.

LanguageBy this stage, a child's fundamental reading skills are well estabished, as well as an increase in the language system and how it works. Children's writing skills also continue to develop. Their vocabulary is rapidly growing, and they have a concrete understanding of time and number. They have great control over the tone of their voice, volume, and can produce all sounds and blends.

Middle Childhood

Atypical development

Encouraging Healthy Development

Children who are not eager to learn or who experience extreme difficulties in learning of certain subjects should be watched closely. Rapid decline in physical growth can be a sign of atypical development as well. If a child lacks fine motor skills such as throwing a ball, climbing stairs, or grasping a pencil could signal atypical development.

It is a great idea to spend time with your child. Parents should talk to their children about challenges and changes that are coming with this period of development. Children are more likely to perform well in school if parents show interest and involvement in schoolwork and activities. Allowing your child to participate in extra curricular activities will help promote healthy physical and emotional development. Encouraging your child to develop their own sense of right and wrong will allow them to develop a sense of responsibility.


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