Middle Childhood

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Middle Childhood

Middle childhood introduces an environment with a consistent schedule. School, where tasks are followed on a new level, with logical rules. This is a time of demonstrating stronger elements of self-control, longer periods of concentration, and social interactions. Some cognitive milestones: the child can think is more concrete ways that produce logic, which follows Piaget's theory of conservation. They also have spatial reasoning abilities, cognitive maps or mental representations of familiar large-scale spaces(Beck,2013). Some physical milestones: strength in sport activities, the ability to do tasks with hands and feet at the same time, such as play basketball. Children at this age can play sports on a team, understandin & learning to work as a team, and follow logical rules. Some Language milestones: Children have an increased awareness of metalinguistic awareness, which has been developings since early childhood. They are able to see words and language as having many parts or multiple meanings, break apart those meanings and understand them(Beck, 2013).They also continue to increase their phonological awareness which helps to increase their vocabulary. Some Atypical behaviors: difficulty with reading, sounding out words, blends, not recognizing parts of speech, including add on components to words, like suffixes & prefixes, and may be struggling with phonolgical awareness, which could indicate dyslexia. In which they would need a multisensory approach to working with words to allow their brain to understand. Social influences during this age period, create stronger peer interaction, the need for the child to find their self-concept in a more defined way. They are dealing with the interworkings of school life, friends, and family.The cultural influences of in middle childhood affect the way a child might respond to their peers. They want to fit in and might themselves straying a little or a lot from the values & beliefs of their family.

Middle Childhood...

"Watch Me Grow."..7-11 yrs

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Ways families can encourage developmental progress...


1) Children at this age are physically active, so encourage this by putting them in an organized sport, along with playing with them. Try to learn a new physical skill, that causes both you and your child to try something new. 2)Helping your child learn cognitively can be fun. At this age children are capable of following directions which is a good time to teach them to cook, do laundry, or specific skills around the house. You can make it fun and have a "treat" at the end. This will help their ability to listen, increase self-control, and teach them valuable skills. 3)Encouraging language development can done with talking first of all. Children usually have a lot to say, so if you simply let them speak and attend to their words, they will be comforted and encouraged to communicate. This is also a time where these age group likes games. Use fun word based games and have a game night to encorage language. This will also increase family time which increases the self-confidence of a child. .........................................................................................................



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