Middle Childhood Years

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Middle Childhood Years

Middle Childhood Years

1. The average vocabulary usage grows from the 8,000-14,000 range at age 6 to the 13,000-19,000 range at ages 9-11 (Feldman, p.305). 2. During middle childhood, children "Learn better ways to describe experiences and talk about thoughts and feelings" (CDC, 2019). 3. Children also tend to focus on others more than oneself during this stage (CDC, 2019). 4. Starting at this age, children start to develop a greater attention span (CDC, 2019). 5. At this age, children start to have more academic challenges at school (CDC, 2019).

Cognitive Milestones

1. By age 6, children should acquire the ability to skip (Feldman, p.289). 2. By age 8, girls can throw a small ball 36 feet, while boys can throw a small ball 59 feet (Feldman, p.289). 3. By age 10, both boys and girls can run 17 feet per second (Feldman, 289). 4. By this stage, children can dress themselves (CDC, 2019). 5. Children can also catch a ball easily using only their hands (CDC, 2019).

1. During middle childhood, child starts to take more responsibility at home (Ohio Child Welfare, 2007). 2. At this age, they are sensitive to other's opinions of themselves (Ohio Child Welfare, 2007). 3. At this age, children transition away from fantasy play into more team sports and board games (Ohio Child Welfare, 2007). 4.Their self-esteem is "based on ability to perform and produce" (Ohio Child Welfare, 2007). 5. The child also begins to understand and practice different social roles (Ohio Child Welfare, 2007).

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Physical Milestones

Social/ Personality Milestones

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1. At age 11, the average height for girls is 4' 10", while the average height for boys is 4' 9.5" (Feldman, p. 281) 2. During this time of development, children double their strength! (Feldman, p.281)  3. During the Middle Childhood stage, children should be getting 9-12 hours of sleep per 24 hours (CDC, 2017). 4. For the most part, self-esteem increases during middle childhood, with a slight decline around age 12 (Feldman, pg. 336). 5. Children should always ride in the backseat of the car until age 12. That is the safest place for them to be at this age! (CDC,2019).

Make your own edible, amazing smelling slime with your middle childhood aged child with these easy steps!  Ingredients:   1. 1/4 c. instant pudding mix 2. 1 c. cornstarch 3. 1/3 c. warm water Steps: 1.Add pudding mix and half cornstarch to bowl. 2. Add the water and stir until you see slime forming (it will be sticky). 3. Add the rest of the cornstarch slowly, stirring constantly. Finish kneading by hand. Enjoy! (Pudding Slime Recipe, 2019).

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