Middle ages

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Middle ages

The Middle Ages

Wondering why it's so black? Some people call these times the Dark Ages!

The Middle Ages lasted from about 500 a.d. to 1500 a.d. During this time civilization in Europe was dominated by the Feudal system, or Feudalism. Feudalism was like a government. Under Feudalism there was a very strict hierachry, or order. Most people's lives were determined by who their parents were. Kings were kings, Lords were Lords, and peasants were peasants. Nobody could change and become something else.

During the Middle Ages almost everybody in Europe was a member of the Catholic Church. The Catholic Church was, and still is, led by a holy man called the Pope. During the Middle Ages the Pope was a very powerful man who could influence countries and kings.

In Europe during the Middle Ages most countries were led by a king. The king was believed to be a holy man and led by DIVINE RIGHT. Divine Right means that the king had God's blessing to rule.

Underneath the King were Lords. Lords were wealthy land-owning noblemen who were loyal to the king and helped him rule the land. Lords lived on large manors where peasants farmed the land.

Underneath the Lords were Knights. Knights were loyal to the Lords and the King. Knights helped the Lords rule the land.

Lowest of all were the peasants, sometimes called serfs. Most people during the Middle Ages were peasants. The life of a peasant was very hard. Most peasants could not read or write and spent most of their time farming for a Lord.


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