Middle Ages

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Middle Ages

Towns were dirty places to live in as there was no sewage systems as we have today. Many people threw toilet waste into the street along with other rubbish. Fire was another danger in a town or city as homes were made of wood. Another danger would have been walking in a town at night could also be dangerous. Though towns had a curfew, no town had a police force to deal with those who broke the law. Many towns had large fences built around them and the gates of these fences were locked at night to keep out undesirables. A Guild is a group of people who all work in the same trade and there were guilds for every craft.

Middle Ages

Towns, trading & craft-Guilds

By Hayley Wilson

The Medieval navigators imported spices, groceries, linen, Egyptian paper, pearls, perfumes, and thousands of other rare and good quality articles and in exchange they offered mainly the precious metals in bars, rather than coined. Towns in the Middle Ages were situated between Northumbria and Wessex which are now known as United Kingdom and England. Many towns were owned by a lord and it was in his interest to ensure that his town was popular with merchants as they paid tax. The more merchants in a town, the more tax a lord could collect. The taxes were usually collected by a sheriff although many people wanted a charter instead.

Towns, trading & craft guilds were a very important part of the structure of the Middle Ages.

Looking Futher Into Towns, Trading and Craft Guilds

Towns provided shelter and a place to live for the villagers and people, trading provided a wider variety of foods to eat, and craft guilds provided local people with jobs and insurance if they ever got hurt.

People knew little about health and hygiene. Water was far from clean as the local river would have been polluted with waste thrown into it from villages upstream and downstream, making disease common.

Medieval Trade Routes

Medieval Craft-Guild




Towns In The Middle Ages


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