Middle Ages: Battles and Wars

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Middle Ages: Battles and Wars

Middle Ages Battles and Wars

The Barons War

Battle of Hastings

Hundred Years' War

Joan of Arc

Hundred Years' WarThe hundred years’ war, which lasted from 1337 to 1453, was one of the most important battles during medieval times. William the Conqueror thought he was the ruler of England and France and he thought that he rightfully gained that title. This created tensions between the two nations which reseulted in the Hundred years' war. The Hundred years' war was actually a lot of battles between the two nations instead of just one long battle. The battle of Agincourt was one of the most important victories for England. Two major battles during the hundred years’ war were the Battle of Jargeau and the Battle of Agincourt. The Battle of Agincourt was when England defeated France and started a new period in the Hundred years’ war. The battle of Jargeau was when Joan of arc took her first offensive Battle and became known as the Heroin of France.

Famous Medieval Wars The Battle of Hastings was fought on October 14, 1066 by the Normans and the English. The Normans were led by William the Conqueror and the English were led by Edward the Confessor.After king Edward the confessor died during battle there were three candidates who thought they were the Rightful heir to the throne. Those people were William, the duke of Normandy; Harold Godwin who was the brother in law of Edward; and Harald Hadrada who was the brother of Harold Godwin.

Famous Medieval Wars The First barons war was a civil war in England when a Rebellious group turned against England. The French supported this group and declared war on King John of England. This war was started because King John refused to sign the Magna Carta in order to abide them together. This war was supposed to be about the Magna Carta but it turned into a siege or the throne of England. There also had been friction between the two nations from the norman Invasion 149 years before the First barons war. Finally, Louis VIII of France gave up and signed the Treaty of Lambeth.

Hundred Years' War

Hundred Years' War

Joan Of Arc:She was born into a peasant family and then after the war, she was known as the heroin of France. She then became known as a Roman Catholic Saint. She had a vision she had a vision of Saint Margaret, Saint Catherine, and Saint Michael and they told her that she must support King Charles VII and help against France.



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