[2014] Sydney Bacon (GTT 7 - Period 3): Middle Ages

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Social Studies

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[2014] Sydney Bacon (GTT 7 - Period 3): Middle Ages

Middle Ages

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Role of the Catholic Church

1. The local church was the center of town life.2. People attended weekly ceremonies.3. People were married, confirmed and burried at the church.4. People gave 1/10ths of their earnings in tithes5. Eventually the church owned on third of the land in Western Europe.6. Cathedrals are where the bishop held their headquarters.7. They were the most expensive and beautiful buildings built.8. Churces provided education and looked after the poor and sick.9. The church did not have to pay taxes.10. Those who worked on the church had to be in a guild.(A guild is a group of people with related intrests and goals.)The church is important because it provides strength and order to our modern day society.

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By: Sydney Bacon

1. They had spoons and knives, no forks2.Food was served most important to least important.3. Pesants didn't eat very much meat because they couldn't afford it4.You could't eat fish on Fridays5.Poor mainly ate barley.Without food our body could not function properly and we would soonly die.


1. Most education was in the church2.All lessons in grammar school were in Latin.3. Most lessons started at sunrise and ended at sunset.4.The sons of the peasants could only be educated if the lord of the manor had given his permission.5.Women did not usually have a very good education.


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