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Genetic Drift - The change in frequency of a gene variant in a variant in a population due to random sampling of organisms

Gene pool - is a set of all the genes or genetic information in a population usually of a particular species

bottleneck effect - a sharp decreased in a population due to environmental events like earthquakes or floods

Effects on Gene frequences

non - random mating: non - random mating effectsgenetic frequencies because traits are selected nonrandomly therefore the genes are more predictable

mutations - mutations effect genetic frequencies because they introduce more variety and more possible genetic combonations into the population

Genetic Drift - introduces more variety into apopulation because of random sampling

Natural selection - effects genetic frequencesbecause traits ae naturally selected by theenvironment

Gene Flow - Effects genetic frequencies because it introduces genetic variation into the population

Reproductive Isolation

Allopatric speciation - is speciation that occurs when biological populations of the same species become vicariant, or isolated from each other to an extent that prevents or interferes with genetic interchange.

Sympatric speciation - is the process through which new species evolve from a single ancestral species while inhabiting the same geographic region

Behavioral isolation - a reproductive barrier based on behavior, usually in the form of mating rituals and signals

Temporal Isolation - two species whose ranges overlap have different periods of sexual activity or breeding seasons

Geographic Isolation - The separation of two populations of the same species or breeding group by a physical barrier, such as a mountain or body of water.

Hybridization - any offspring resulting from the breeding of two genetically distinct individuals


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