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Bottleneck Effect is a drastic decrease in population; occurs when a population's size is reduced for at least one generation.

Gene Pool is the stock of different genes in an interbreeding population

Temporal isolation is an evolutionary mechanism that keeps individuals of different species from interbreeding, even if they live in the same environment.

Genetic drift is variation in the relative frequency of different genotypes in a small population, owing to the chance disappearance of particular genes as individuals die or do not reproduce.

Geographic isolation is the separation of two populations of the same species or breeding group by a physical barrier, such as a mountain or body of water.

Hybridization is the process of combining two complementary single-stranded DNA or RNA molecules and allowing them to form a single double-stranded molecule through base pairing.

Sympatric speciation is the process through which new species evolve from a single ancestral species while inhabiting the same geographic region.

Behavorial isolation is An isolating mechanism in which two allopatric species do not mate because of differences in mating behavior.

Allopatric speciation is a type of speciation that occurs due to populations living in different places.

The five main forces that cause evolution to occur are natural selection, genetic drift, mutations, gene flow and non-random mating. Natural selection is also called "survival of the fittest". Genetic drift is the disappearance of an allele from a population and mutations are the changing structure of a gene, resulting in a variant form. Gene flow is the transfer of alleles from one population to another and non-random mating is when organisms choose their mating partner based on specific criteria.


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