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Bottleneck EffectThis causes a big loss of genetic variation in small populations and the population is reduced for at least on generation

Gene PoolIs a set of all genes, or genetic information, in any population usually in a spieces

Genetic DriftThe change in the frequency of a gene variant in a population which could possibly eliminate a gene type in a smaller population

Natural SelectionThis effects gene frequency because it selects the best suited genes to be passed down in a population. The other non superior genes will die off and become obsolete.

Non-random MatingEffects the gene frequency in a population by keeping it stable because all mating occurs between organisms with similar genotypes and phenotypes.

MutationThis is the changing of the structure of genes in an organism which causes the frequency of genes to decrease because it turns into a diverse population.

Allopatric SpeciationThis is also known as geographic isolation which is a force that prevents two groups of a species from interacting which makes two new species

Gene FlowThis is the constant flow of genes inside and outsie a population. This effects gene frequency because the population is made unstable.

Sympatric SpeciationThis occurs when a species lives in the same region but evolve differently even though they have a common ancestor.

HybridizationThis is the process of two complementary single stranded DNA or RNA combining which makes a single double stranded molecule

Temporal IsolationThis occurs when organism of a same species mate at different times of the day, week, month year etc.

Geographic IsolationThis occurs when there is a geographic boundary that prevents a species from interacting and mating with each other.

Behavioral IsolationThis isolation is when the same species has different preferances for mates and then will cause the species to no longer mate with certain organisms


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