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Evolutionary Biology

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Gene Pool is the stock of different genes in an interbreeding population.Genetic Drift is the variation in relative frequency of different genotypes in the same population Bottle Neck Effect is Genetic drift resulting from the reduction of a population.

Non-Random Mating is when the individuals have a choice on who they would like to mate with. This results in a change in gene frequency because when an individual wins their traits are passed down. Normally this makes organisms get a genetic heritable reason. Ex. Beauty or Strength.

Mutation is a permanent change of the nucleotide sequence of the genome of an organism. It effects gene frequency. They either have positive, negative, or neutral results. If they are negative it will die off eventually. If it is positive it makes it better suited with Darwin philosophy and then they end up reproducing more than others and it becomes a main trait that is passed along.

Gene Pool, Genetic Drift, Bottle-neck Effect

Genetic Drift is variation in the relative frequency of different genotypes in a small population. It is very random. This results in gene frquency causing particular genes to die off and not reproduce.

Natural Selection is the process whereby organisms better adapted to their environment tend to survive. It can increase the frequencies of alleles if they are advantageous to a species' survival or reproductive chances. they somehow produce a non selective advantage, their frequency will decrease.

Gene Flow is the transfer of alleles or genes from one population to another. Migration will change gene frequencies by bringing in more copies of an allele already in the population or by bringing in a new allele that has arisen by mutation. The 2 effects of migration are increase variaties in a population and at the same time prevent a population from diverging to the point it becomes new.

Sympatric speciation is the process through which new species evolve from a single ancestral species while inhabiting the same geographic region.

Behavioral isolation is an important evolutionary mechanism that helps members of the same species identify each other as proper mates

Hybridization is the act or process of mating organisms of different varieties or species to create a hybrid.

Geographical isolation The separation of two populations of the same species or breeding group by a physical barrier, such as a mountain or body of water. Geographical isolation may ultimately lead to the populations becoming separate species by adaptive radiation.

Temporal Isolation is when populations may mate or flower at different seasons or different times of day. Three tropical orchid species of the genus Dendrobium each flower for a single day; the flowers open at dawn and wither by nightfall.

Allopatric speciation is speciation by geographic isolation. In this mode of speciation, something extrinsic to the organisms prevents two or more groups from mating with each other regularly, eventually causing that lineage to speciate.


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