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Evolutionary Biology

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Genetic Drift:

Bottleneck Effect:

Gene Pool:

The stock of different genes in an interbreeding population.

Variation in the relative frequency of different genotypesin a small population, owing to the chance disappearance of parfticular genes as individuals die or do not reproduce

Drastic drops in population can lead to random changes in a species gene pool.


Natural Selection

Non random mating:

Gene Frequency

Gene Flow

Genetic Drift

When organisms are bred forspecific traits, the unwanted oneswill eventually disappear from theorganism. This makes geneticfrequency increase

Gene flow is migration into or out of a population causing a marked change in allele frequencies

Natural selection is simply the passing on necessary traits and dropping useless ones by the species,

Genetic drift is simply the allele becoming more common or rare purely by chance.

A mutation is caused by a unexpected change in the gene frequency. This affects the phenotype of the organism in a way that makes it difficult to survive.

Types of Isolation

Geographic Isolation

Sympatric Speciation

Behavioral Isolation

Temporal Isolation


Allopatric speciation

Hybridization is when two different species mate and form a hybrid of the two.

Behavioral Isolation is when two organisms have different mating behaviors causing one another to not be attracted and not mate. One example is the different "calls" of certain birds.

Sympatric Speciation is when a species evolves into two different speices while being in the same geographic location.

Temporal Isolation is when two different species do not mate because they mate in different seasons, say, one in the spring and one in the fall.

Allopatric speciation is when groups of organisms cannont mate due to a geographic barrier, thus forming two new species to form.

Geographic Isolation is when two organisms that once mated do not mate due to geograpic barriers such as a ocean or a mountain.


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