[2015] Emma Macdonald: micro-organisms

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Cell Biology

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[2015] Emma Macdonald: micro-organisms

Micro-Organisms need heat, water and food to survie much like humans! to continuing making and creating Micro-Organsims


What are Micro-Organism?A Micro-Organsim is a very small microscopic creature, that is very small and only able to see through a lens. Its expesially a bacteria or fungus

what role does yeast make in bread making?the difference between yeast and no yeast is that the bread will NOT rise if you do not have any yeast.Since yeast makes the bread rise.

Picture of Micro-Organism

what condition do MO need to grow

Micro Oraganisms do lots of things that are god and bad for us such as , micro organisms boost up our immune sytstem also micro organisms make us more slim! :)

how do micro-organsimschange our life?


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