[2015] Will Martin: Micro-organism Experts

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[2015] Will Martin: Micro-organism Experts

Micro-organism ExpertsWill Martin Fletcher Youens Xavier Porter-Zadro

What are micro-organisms?Micro-organisms are microscopic animals that are usually bacterium, viruses or fungus

What conditions do micro-organisms like yeast and mould need to grow?Yeast and mould usually needs to grow in heat with water and food and they use this to reproduce.Yeast grows in warm temperatures . When it is cold yeast can get enough energy and too hot make it die

What role does yeast play in breadmaking?Yeast is what makes bread rise and be tall.Without Yeast bread would be all flat and smaller.

How do micro-organisms affect our lives?Micro-organims can be good or bad. Micro-organisms help protect our immune system or they can be deadly viuses that can kill people.

My name is Howard Florey and i'm the creator of Penicillin.


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