[2015] Fletcher Youens: Micro-organism experts

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[2015] Fletcher Youens: Micro-organism experts

Micro-Organisms experts

What are micro-organisms?Micro-organsims are microscopic animals(animals that can only be seen under a micro scope) that are usually bacterium, virus and fungus.

Dr Alexander i want to be a micro-organism expert

well take a look at my research papers and you'll be an expert in no time.

what conditions do micro-organisms like yeast and mould need to grow?Yeast: Yeast will grow in warm moist areas as long as there is a source of sugar.Mould: Mould will grow as long as there is a source of food. But mould will grow a lot faster if you have put it in a warm damp environment with a little bit of light.

What role does yeast play in bread-making?Yeast is what makes the bread rise and crates air bubbles without yeast bread would be smaller, douger and in my opinion less tasty.

How do micro-organisms affect our lives?Micro-organisms affect out lives in so many ways. Mould a type of micro-organism is used to make penicillen. Penicillin is a medicine that saved hundreds if not thousands of peoples live. Micro-organisms also affect our lives but in a bad way because they can give humans deadly viruses like ebola and the sapanish flu which killed thousands of people. mirco-organisms are also responsible for the common cold.

This is what yeast looks like not under a micro scope

This is what yeast looks like under a micro scope

This is pencillin

This is what penicillin is made of.


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