Micro/Macro Nutrients

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Micro/Macro Nutrients

Vitamin A: Promotes normal growth, improves health of skin and mucous membranes, and helps adapt eyes to darkness. Can be found in foods like egg, whole milk, or liver. Also found in carotine.Vitamin C: Formation of collagen, makes blood vessels firm, and helps broken bones. Can be found in fruits and vegetables. Vitamin D: Promotes growth and proper mineralization of bones and teeth. Can be found in egg, yolk, tuna, fish oils, and exposure to sunlight.Calcium: Helps blood clots, keeps heart muscles and nervous system working. Found in milk, yogurt, fish, and leafy green vegetables.Magnesium: Helps cells use proteins, fats, and carbs, regulates body temperature, and helps muscles contract. Can be found in whole grains, nuts, beans, and meat.

Vitamin AVitamin CVitamin DCalciumMagnesium





Vitamin K: Produces prothrombin, helps blood clotting. Found in intestinal bacteria and leafy green vegetables.Thiamin: Releases energy from food, produces coenzymes which breaks down carbs, and helps appetite. Found in nearly all foods except fats, oils, and refined sugar.Niacin: Forms coenzymes for the body to use, helps skin, mouth, and tongue. Found in liver, kidney, and can convert tryptophan into niacin. Folate: Produces normal blood cells, creates a biochemical reaction that converts food into energy. Found in leafy green vegetables, dairy, and fruits.Biotin: Produces enzymes that help break down fats, carbs, and proteins. Found in chicken, eggs, milk, and some fruits and vegetables.

Vitamin KThiaminNiacinFolateBiotin

Fats: Recieve energy, help absorb micronutrients, and helps maintain core body temperature. ex. Black beans, walnuts, salmon, and corn oil.Carbs: Body's primary source of energy. ex. Lactose, maltose, glucose, and ribose.Proteins: Help rebuild muscles. ex. Cheese, tuna, almonds, eggs, and pasta.


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