[2015] Kaitlyn Back: Mickey Mouse Molecule

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[2015] Kaitlyn Back: Mickey Mouse Molecule

Condensation forms when the surrounding air is warmer than the liquid inside the bottle. When the warm air touches the cold water it turns into liquid because the atoms in the air are moving really fast and the water atoms are cold so they slow down the air atoms.

Mickey Mouse Molecule

This ice is floating because water molecules are attracted to eachother by weaker chemical bonds called hydrogen bonds. These bonds are spread out more instaed of in a tight pattern like other solids. This pattern causes ice to take up 9% more space then water.

Why is it important for ice to float?

If ice didnt float it would be at the bottom of the ocean right? So fish, penguins, polarbears,and seals couldn't create their habitats that they need. If ice covered the bottom layer of the sea floor it would just freeze up and we would have no ocean.

Having a top layer of ice insaltes the water underneath that way all the fish can create a habitat underneath and be able to move.

The strange thing to scientists is usally soilds sink in their liquid form, so what abofollow the rule mass/volut ice why doesn't it sink. Usually solids follow the rule mass/volume =density, when density decreases so does mass, but volume goes up.

This is an example of a hydrogyen bond. Hydrogyen bonds are created by water molocules. When created,they form a hexagonal shape. They can form this shape because the oxygen and hydrogen atoms stick together at a 105 degree angle.

What is condenstation? Condensation is when water in the air (water vapor) turn into a liquid form. Condensation occurs when warm air rises, cools and looses its capacity to hold water vapor.

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