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Michio Kaku

Michio Kaku by: Emily Majkszak

Michio Kaku has had a global effect on our world. Kaku helps ordinary people understand science by his videos, books, and his teachings. Kaku cofounded the string theory which helps Einstein's "theory of everything". Once more research and evidence are completed the "theory of everything" will be solved and it could make travel between dimensions and universes possible. Also, people believe the string theory could make time travel possible. This will inform not only scientists, but the whole world.

Fun fact: Michio Kaku is a talented ice skater and enjoys doing it.

Video Link : https://youtu.be/kYAdwS5MFjQ


Life Obstacles

When Kaku was 8 years old people were talking about Einstein's death and how he had never completed all of his work. Kaku knew then and there he had wanted to be a physicist and help complete Einstein's unfinished work. Kaku later got drafted for war, but Kaku did not want to go because he wanted to try to finish Einsteins work. However, Kaku went to boot camp and the only thing that kept him going was making calculations while training. When the war began to die down doctors noticed Kaku had too much sugar in his blood so he wrote a letter to the draft board stating he was no longer fit for the war. Although the war interferred with some of Kaku's time, it had taught him valuable lessons.

Scientific Contributions


Michio Kaku was born January 24, 1947 and is alive today at the age 68. Kaku was born in San Jose, California and is of Japanese descent. Michio Kaku's occupations are: physicist, scientist, and futurist. Kaku studied at Harvard, and later at University of California, Berkeley. Kaku worked at Berkeley Radiation Lab and later earned his Ph.D in 1972. Today, Kaku is married to Shizue Kaku and has two daughters.

When Kaku was in highschool, he built accelorator for a science fair in his garage and earned a full scholorship to Harvard. Kaku helped in the process of finishing what Einstein started. Einstein spent the last years of his life trying to find a "theory for everything" but had never completed the task. Kaku cofounded the string theory (a cosmological theory based on the existence of cosmic strings). Kaku is also a very educated science communicator. He has taught various classes and written 7 books on science/physics. Also Kaku has been on dozens of television shows and documentaries explaining difficult theories in a way every one can understand. Currently, Kaku is trying to finalize the string theory so it is more useful when solving the "theory for everything."

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