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Michio Kaku

Michio Kaku was born January 24, 1947 in San Jose, CA. At 8 years old he bacame interested in science because of the TV show Flash Gordon, and after hearing about the death of Albert Einstein. He attended high school Cubberly HS in Palo Alto, CA, and graduated in 1964. He received his B.S. from Harvard University in 1968, and his Ph.D. from the University of California, Berkeley. He published his first book called Hyperspace in 1994. He has written eight books. He is a professor of physics at CUNY.


1947 - Born in San Jose, CA1964 - Graduated from Cubberly High School1968 - Graduated from Harvard1972 - Ph.D. from U. Cal1973 - Drafted into the US Army1974 - Published paper on String Field Theory1994 - Published first book called Hyperspace2005 - Appeared in the documentary "Obsessed and Scientific"

Lasting Impact

Michio Kaku is the co-founder of String Field Theory. He was awarded the 2008 American Associations of Physics Teachers Klopsteg Memorial Award.


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"In some sense, gravity does not exist; what moves the planets and the stars is the distortion of space and time."- Michio Kaku

Michio Kaku



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Michio Kaku co-founded String Field Theory which has become a major subject in String Theory. He also wrote many physics textbooks used in colleges.

New York Times Best Selling Author


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