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Social Studies

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Winter in Michigan

Trumpeter swan with cignet

Attractions*Great Lakes- beaches*Car museums,car factorys and car dealers*Mackinac Island is a historic living museum*Isle Royale National park*Colonial Michilimakinac is a living colonial museum

Fun Facts!Capitol: LansingRegion:MidwestState Nicknames:Water wonderland, Great Lakes state,Wolverine stateState bird:RobinState flower:Appe blossomState fish: Brooke troutState rock: petosky stoneState gem:Chlo RastolineState song:My MichiganState tree:White PineRecord high temp: 112 degrees FRecord low temp:-51 degrees F*Michigan is the 26th state*Michigan is the car capitol of the U.S.*Michigan WAS the car capitol of the world*Cars were invented in Michigan

Huron Montain Range


Climate*Summers are warm and sunny*Winters are bitter and long*Summers are 52 - 83 degrees*Winters are 5 -31 degrees

Old map of Michigan

Landforms Lakes,rivers,waterfalls are some of Michigan's beautiful landforms. There are also the Porcupine and the Huron Mountain Ranges are in Michigan. Hills and forests are scattered. Michigan is bordered by Canada,Ohio, Wisconsin, Indiana and the Great Lakes.

Natural ResourcesSome natural resoures in Michigan are cucumbers,asparagus, carrots, celery,califlower,tomatos, onions and sugar beets. Fish that are natural recources are salmon,bass,pike,walleye (Below), whitefish,perch and laketrout.


AnimalsHow many animals in Michigan do you know? Some fish are salmon,muskie,bass,pearch and catfish. Some birds are egrets, gulls, turns, loons, bald eagles, golden eagles Canadian geese, ospreys, periggrine falcons and trumpeter swans. Some mammals are deer, bears, squirrels, wolves, rabbits, coyotes, racoons, moose, pumas and bats. Lastly, we have our insects. They are Amirican burying beetles, Karner blue butterflys and Michalls sytar butterflys.

HistoryDid you know that the Great Lakes were formed by giant moving glaciers? They were! Michigan joined the Union in 1837. Native Amirican tribes lived in Michigan before the Europeans took over. After the Revolution, the U.S. took over Michigan. Michigan was part of the Underground Railroad.

Backround:Lake Michigan at sunset

Beach on Lake Superior

Isle RoyaleNational Park


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