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Michelozzo Di Bartolomeo

Birth: 1396 - Florence, ItalyDied: Oct 7, 1472 - Florence, ItalyMichelozzo was born and raised in Florence, Italy. Little was known about his childhood and family other than his father being an immigrant and being a tailor. His education was very limited because by the age of 14 he was the apprentice of Ghiberti (a world renound sculptor). Micelozzo was often critisized for his work being too similar too that of Ghiberti. While this may have been true, Michaelozzo himself was very talented and was known as the second greatest sculptor in Europe (best was Brunelleschi). Much of his work was done in collaboration with Donatello. His greatest work includes Palazzo Medici Ricarddi, John the Baptist, and the Tomb of Antipope John XXIII.

MichelozzoDi Bartolomeo

Palazzo Medici Ricarddi

Tour of Palazzo Medici

Artist's Background

The Palazzo Medici Ricarddi is known as Michelozzo's greatest work. It may have taken 40 years (1444-1484) but it was worth the wait. The slow but steady mentality created a building that displays much of what the Renaissance were all about; rationallity, order, class, detail, and delicacy. His work with sculpting paid great dividends to this work as the outside of the building was broken down into 3 sepearate levels, each displaying it's own style of work. This building was dedicated to his great friend Cosimo de' Medici.

St. John the Baptist (1452) is a centerpiece for an alter located in Florence, Italy. It is widely known for its mystique and beauty. It is significant for the time because of the boom of Christianity. Made of silver, it radiates beauty and importance. Many pieces of work in the Renaissance are directly related to religion, which is why it has a great significance.

The Tomb of Antipope John XXIII was finished in the 1420s by Michelozzo and Donatello. This was one of their most successful pieces of work together. It is a tomb for the Antipope John XXIII (Antipope - someone claiming to be the pope while not being the pope) and is made of marble. Most of the work is sculpting the designs into the tomb to have it match the art of the Renaissance. Early on in the Renaissance it was a landmark, known for its extreme height.

Tomb of Antipope John XXIII

St. John The Baptist

Palazzo Medici Ricarddi


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