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Michelle Obama

Michelle was born on January 17, 1964 in Illinois. She grew up with her parents Marian and Frasier Robinson. She also had a brother named Craig. As a child she loved to play the piano.She studied hard and got accepted into Princeton University where her brother also went. In 1985 she graduated from Princeton. Then she went to Harvard Law School. Three years later she graduated in 1988.T hen she went to Chicago law firm.There she met her true love, Barack Obama. Michelle and Barack married in 1992. They now have two daughters named Malia and Sasha. Malia was born in 1998. Sasha was born in 2001.Now Michelle and Barack Obama live in the White House together with there two daughters. You might think being first lady is easy but its not! Every day both Michelle and Barack Obama are trying to make the world a better place.


Jan.17, 1964 - born in Illinois1985 - Graduated from Princeton University1988 - Graduated from Harvard Law School1988 - Became a lawyer in Chicago and met Barack Obama1992 - Married Barack Obama2004 - Barack was elected for the United States Senate2007 - Barack ran for president2009 - Michelle became first lady

On January, 17 1964 Michelle was born. She was taken care of her parents Marian andFraser Robinson.In 1985 Michelle graduated from Princeton University.Then in 1988 she graduated from Harverd law school.In 1988 she also became a lawyer in Chicago.That is whereshe met Barack Obama.In 1992 michelle decided to marry Barack Obama.In 2004 Barack was elected to the United state Senate.Then in 2007 barack ran for presadent.It turned out barack won the election so michelle obama became First Lady.

Why She Inspires Me

Michelle inspires me because she works very hard to make this world a better place. Her work helps us all. She is also very good at helping people with fitness. She also helps Barack Obama with his work. Being a first lady is very hard so the work that she is doing is pretty much helping the whole country. She helps by being nice to the veterans and their families. She also tells people how to eat healthy and how to stay fit. I think that is very nice.She even organizes parties at the White hHouse! Michelle goes to schools to read to children too. All I am trying to say is Michelle Obama works very hard as a first lady!


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MICHELLE OBAMA:First Lady of theUnited States


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