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Michelle Obama

Born on Jabuary 17 1964 as Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama, Michelle Obama is an American lawyer,writer, and is the wife of the 44th President of the United States, Barack Obama.

"How Hard You Work, More Important Than Income."

Michelle was assigned Barack's mentor when he came to her Chicago firm for a summer job.Her first impression of Barack wasn't great; after seeing a photo of him in the law firm directory she decided he had a big nose.

Michelle Obama

On her first foreign trip as America’s First Lady, Michelle Obama visited a girls’ school in London to speak about the importance of education and the future role of women. Michelle also contributes to the Entertainment Industry Foundation which is basically raising awareness and funds for important causes such as childhood hunger, cancer research, creative arts, education, cardiovascular research, and much more.

Craig and Michelle, 21 months apart in age, were often mistaken for twins. The siblings also shared close quarters they slept in the living room with a sheet serving as their makeshift room divider. Both children were raised with an emphasis on education. The brother and sister learned to read at home by the age of 4, and both skipped second grade.By sixth grade, Michelle was attending gifted classes, where she learned French and took accelerated courses. She then went on to attend the city's first magnet high school for gifted children, where, among other activities, she served as the student government treasurer. "Without being immodest, we were always smart, we were always driven and we were always encouraged to do the best you can do, not just what's necessary," her brother, Craig, has said. "And when it came to going to schools, we all wanted to go to the best schools we could."


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