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Michelle Obama



Michelle ObamaAn American Story

By David Colbert

"She never takes a pass"(Colbert 14). This shows her determination because no matter what she will not give up.

"Michelle took independent steps toward her education, searching it out rather than expecting it to come to her"(Colbert 23).

"She was on a very advanced, focused track"(Colbert 55).When Michelle wanted something she fought until she got it and didn't stop until.

My sister always talked about who was getting picked on at school or who was having a tough time at home. I didn't realize it then, but i realize it now: Those were the people she was going to dedicate her life to, the people who were stuggling with life's challenges" (Colbert 21).Michelle knew from an early age how she wanted to change peoples lives

"Hard work had taken her to exactly where she wanted to go, one of the most prestigious universities in the country [Princeton]" (Colbert 65).

Marian was determined to keep Michelle ahead of teachers' expectations. Teaching Michelle to read at an early age was just the start. Fraser and Marian [parents], who had both skipped second grade, made sure Craig and Michele did the same. 'If you aren't challenged, you don't make any progress'" (colbert 21).

"She's holding a book that her mother wants to use to teach her to read. Michelle doesn't want help. She's going to teach hersef. Michelle's brother, Craig, who is two years older, has been reading on his own since he was Michelle's age. If he can do it, she can. She'll show everyone" (Colbert 7).

"She made the honor rolll all four years, and was inducted into the National Honor Society"(Colbert 54).

"'What would happen if [Michelle] cam home with grades that weren't the best grades?' Michelles's mom thought that was pretty funny. 'That didn't happen,' she said, laughing (Colbert 54).

"I tried new stuff and i wasn't afraid to be uncomfortable. You guys have got to do that, because the things you want in life will not get handed to you. There is a lot of opportuity out there. But you've got to want it"(Colbert 62).


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