[2014] Maggie: MICHELLE OBAMA

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[2014] Maggie: MICHELLE OBAMA

Michelle Obama was born on January 17th,1964. Her full name is Michelle Lavaughn Robinson Obama AT school, she studied scociology and minored in African-Amreican studies. Michelle married Barack Obama on October 3rd,1992. Michelle's garden has fruits, vegetables and flowers. She has 2 kids called Natasha and Malia Ann Obama. Michelle is now 51 years old.


-Childhood-Schools-Adult life-The garden- Lets Move

Michelle Obama created a program called Lets Move on February 9th,2010.It is made for you to eat healthy and to exersize.The website is made for all ages.So, if you want to eat healthy,just visit; http://www.letsmove.gov/ for the facts.

Michelle's Schools

Michelle went to Bryn Mawr Public Elementary school as a child.As a teen, she went to Witney M. Young High School, Pinceton University. Later on, she went to harverd Law School which is where Michelle met Barack Obama. Now Michelle lives in the WHITE HOUSE.

Michelle's garden is at the White House which is the scource of healthy food. Michelle wants all of the people to eat in a healthy way. She wants to let you know to eat healthy. One way she achieves her goal is by her program calledLET'S MOVE.

Michelle Obama





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