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Michelle Kwan

Fourtunatly, Michelle had older siblings when she was little too look up too. Another fourtunat thing was when she was little she had a perfeshional coach to help her get better at ice skating.


Michelle Kwan was born July 7,1980. She has been skating for 30 years. She is happily married to Clay Pell. She still will watch skating and have the passion for it.


*Michelle won her first world title in 1996*Michelle Kwan's chinesse name is Kwan Wing Shan.* Her favorite actors are Matt Damon and Leonardo Dicaprio.


Her favorite thing.....*Her favorite color is teal.*Her favorite food is fried chicken.*Her favorite music is Hip-Hop.


Michelle Kwan

Unfourtunatly, she stoped skating so she could go to collage to get her masters degree. Another is when she was little she had to move so that her parents could afford her to keep skating.


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    Very nice wording in your paragraphs.

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    I like all of the pictures but don't you need 5 unfortunatly and fortunatly