Michele D : 4-5

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Michele D : 4-5

Diary Entry #4 Winter at Valley Forge January 5, 1778The hard winter of Valley Forge is torturing. The cold has been harsh enough to kill my friends. I have spent my time reparing and upgrading my hut, so that it will be easier to ignore the harsh weather. Although several people did this with me, others went looking for supplies to build shoes, and hunting.

Diary Entrie #5 YorktownOctober 17, 1781The British have gone down and surrendered. I felt a rush of happiness and excitement as the British army wove the white truce flag in a sign of surrender. Even though we did win the war, it was not easy. Alot of Patriots were wounded severely or even killed.

Diary Entries 4-5

Diary 5 Part 2 My friend Percy Harven, got shot in the leg by a British soldier, and as a good soldier would, I helped him up. The British had to go through pain as well. My friend Burgerman Vincet and I, killed to British soldiers by landing on them. It felt so good when we one the war. I knew that a new life would be in front of us, and that we would have a better future. I am so happy that I won, the Revolutionar War.

I looked around for supplies to use for shelter building

My friend Burgerman and I jumped on two British soldiers


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