Michelangelo's Works

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Michelangelo's Works

Michelangelo's Works

Michelangelo was one of the most famous artists of the Renaissance. He was very well known for his amazing abilities in painting and sculpting. He introduced pieces to the art world, especially sculptures, that showed emotion on the faces and in the bodies of the subjects. His aim -and other artists of this era's aim - was to display human perfection and beauty, knowledge, and power ("Art in the Renaissance"). He often used his experience in anatomy to his advantage when creating a piece, as he knew how to correctly depict the proportions and details of the human body. Perspective and shading are another two techniques used by Michelangelo (L.M.W).

I chose this piece, The Creation of Adam, because I found it to be quite beautiful. I enjoy trying to decipher the story that is being told.

This sculpture stood out to me because of the intricate detailing and texturing. This sculpture of Moses is a work of genius.

This painting, The Torment of Saint Anthony, intrigues me. I'm not sure if it is because of the interesting depiction of evil, or the fact that Saint Anthony appears to be calm, collected, and above the evil.

I chose to include this sculpture, Pieta, because it is a great example of how well Michelangelo displayed emotion in his pieces.

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