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The changes taking place during my life were incredible. Art, architecture, science - everything was impacted by new ways of seeing the world, and a new focus on humanism. I was lucky to have been apprenticed to Lorenzo Ghiberti, a great artist, at a very young age. In addition, I was sent to a school founded by the Medici family, where I learned a great deal about humanist philosophy. This philosophy, and its focus on nature and the human form had a tremendous impact on my work for the rest of my life.

1475: born -raised in Florence, Italy1490-92: attended school started by Medici 1504: completed "The David"1508-12: painted the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel1546: named architect of St. Peter's Basilica1564: died in Rome

Particularly well known among my works are two different pieces of art, the statue "David” and the painting on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel. You can see pictures of both of these on this poster.

Why are you famous?

I was probably best known as an artist. In addition, I worked in architecture, poetry and engineering.


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Michelangelo: a real Renaissance Man

Whom did you learn from or whom did you teach?


More about the Sistine Chapel

What was your most important work?

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