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Michelangelo Buonarotti was born in Caprese, Italy on March 6, 1475. He was still young his family moved to Florence where Michelangelo grew up. His mother died when he was only six years old. Growing up in Florence during the Italian Renaissance was the perfect environment for young Michelangelo. Even as a child all he wanted to do was paint and be an artist. His father, a local government official, wanted Michelangelo to go to school, but he had little interest in school. At the age of thirteen he was apprenticed to Domenico Ghirlandaio, a painter and artist. Michelangelo's talents became apparent as he worked for Ghirlandaio. Within a year or so he was sent to the powerful Medici family to continue his training under the sculptor Bertoldo di Geovanni. Michelangelo was able to work with some of the finest artists and philosophers of the time.

Born: March 6, 1475, Caprese Michelangelo, ItalyDied: February 18, 1564, Rome, ItalyFull name: Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti SimoniPeriods: Italian Renaissance, High Renaissance, Renaissance

Michelangelo was a great leader in the Italian Renaissance. His greatest glory, painting the Sistine Chapel, began in 1508, and was completed in 1512. In the beginning, Michelangelo was to paint twelve pictures of the apostles around the outside of the ceiling. Instead of doing so, Michelangelo made another suggestion. He used the central area of the ceiling to paint the history of the Old Testament. It included over 300 figures.Beginning in 1491, Michelangelo carved Madonna of the Stairs. It took him one year to complete it. Next was the Pieta. It was started in 1498 and finished in 1500. He began Doni Tondo in 1503, taking him two years to complete the painting. In 1534, twenty-three years after the Sistine Chapel was completed, Michelangelo began to paint The Last Judgment, located over the altar at the same church as the Sistine Chapel.

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