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Michelangelo Buonarroti


Birthdate-March 6,1475Birthplace-Caprese,Italy but moved to Florence as an infantFamily-His father,Leonardo di Buonarrota Simoni,only cared for his own well being rather than his family's. His mother gave birth to four other sons but shortly after grew sick. Lived with the Medici family from 1489-1492.Education- Michelangelo wasn't interested in school and would rather watch painters and draw what he saw. One of his school mates introduced him to Domenico Ghirlandio whom he had his first apprenticeship with. With Ghirlandio, Michelangelo learned the technique of fresco painting. When he lived with the Medici family he was given the opportunity to study anatomy, which he used in his sculptures of the human body. Deathdate-February 18,1564 Reason-A brief illnessDeathplace-Died in Marcel de'Corvi,Rome. His body was later brought to Florence. He was respected as the "father and master of all the arts" and was laid to rest at Basilica di Santa Croce

Sistine Ceiling(1508-1512): Materials-mezzo fresco(water based paint on semi dry plaster), Buon fresco( paint on wet plaster), and secco(glue based paint on dry plaster) Subject- The stories of the Sistine Ceiling:"The Creation of the Heavens and the Earth", "The Creation of Adam and Eve", "The Explusion From the Garden of Eden", and lastly "Noah and the Great Flood". The ceiling is covered in biblical figures.Technique- Michelangelo used a technique called fresco painting. *watch video to see how Michelangelo uses this techniqueValue- Michelangelo displayed humanism because it displays and emphasizes the divine human(God), the rise and creation of man, human experiences. It also displays individualism because each figure has their own distinct personalities with different gestures.

Michelangelo Buonarroti

David(1501-1504):Materials-MarbleSubject-David(biblical figure) before the battle with GoliathTechnique-Michelangelo used his knowledge of proportion and anatomy when contructing DavidValue- Michelangelo's David represents humanism becuase it depicts a humanist view of man who can become a hero and because David is proportionate to a common man. The naked body also shows that it is a gift and should not be hidden.

The Battle of Centaurs(1492):Materials-MarbleSubject-Depiction of the mythical battle between the Lapiths and the Centaurus but in real life displays the conflict between the Pope and science.Technique-Instead of carving in parallel lines,like his teachers, Michelangelo carved in infinite planes.He also used different tools such as the gradina and the subbia chisel to create different texturesValue-This demonstrates humanism because the men in the sculpture are naked and it shows human strength. It also deomstrated secularism because at the time in Rome there was conflict between the Pope and science and people were doubting their religion.


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