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Michelangelo Caravaggio was known as one of the greatest painters during the Renaissance. He created many famous art pieces like David and Goliath and Boy with the Fruit Basket. When Caravaggio was a little boy, his parents past, causing him to be orphanized. His apprentice, the man who adopted him, was Simone Peterzano, a Lombard painter. Peterzano was the man that help set off Caravaggios' painting career. Growing up for Caravaggio was tough due to the countless arrests and series of trouble he was getting into. When he left Cesari he decided to start his painting career and leave the troubled life that he had. As the years went by people started to notice his art and began to purchase them. He was later asked to paint the Contarelli Chapel dome in Rome. In 1610 Caravaggio dies of lead poisoning.


- Using chiaroscuro to darken shadows on his paintings.- Creating some of the most famous art pieces of all time.- Learning how to paint from the highest skilled painter of his time.- Being asked to paint the Contarelli Chapel dome.- Starts his painting career by selling his artwork to his friends.

Lasting Impact

The use of chiaroscuro helped him become noticed by other people. He used this tecnique to his advantage by darkening the shadows in his paintings. Today, people view it as a type of art that portrays more of a 3D effect rather then 2D.


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Story of Michelangelo

September 29 , 1571- July 18, 1610

Caravaggios' most famous painting of David and Goliath

Caravaggios' first painting: Boy with the Fruit Basket

Caravaggios' fruit basket

1571- Born in Milan , Italy during the Black Plague1576- Moves to Caravaggio to escape the plague1584 - Orphanized to Simone Peterzano1592- Moved to Rome after wounding an officer1594 - Officially starts his painting career 1599 - Painted the Contarelli Chapel1610 - Dies of lead poisoning


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