Michel de Montaigne

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Michel de Montaigne

ESSAISMost of Montaigne's works were put into his many essays. The essays are contained in three books of 107 chapters. His essays are regarded as the predecessor of the modern essay. His essays included topics that revolved around the treatment of issues, the past, present and future. Some topics that he wrote about were on cannibals, imagination, government, sleep, and anger. They were described as personal and entertaining, since they came from Montaigne's trail of thought.

⚜ born February 28, 1533 in Gueyenne, France⚜ was a Roman Catholic ⚜ studied humanism ' skepticism ⚜ influences included Horace, Seneca ' Plutarch ⚜ was notable for populizing the essay as a literary genre⚜ a philosopher, author ' statesman

BIOGRAPHYMichel de Montaigne can be considered the Father of Modern Skepticism. He is best known for his essays and establishing it as a recognized genre in literature. Montaigne's father coached him through the beginning of his life by giving him his own education plan. After he had successfully studied law, he was appointed as counselor of the Parliament in Bordeaux. After the loss of his friend, he commenced his writing lifestyle. He married Françoise de la Cassaigne and had one child. Montaigne later on isolated himself in the library, writing his most notable works, the collection of essays. Michel de Montaigne then died September 13, 1592 at the age of 59.

⚜ The word "Essai" is French for "trial" or "attempt," a.k.a. Montaigne's attempt to write out all his essays ⚜ Montaigne is famously known for his remark "Que sçay-je?" or "What do I know?⚜ Montaigne lived in great wealth; he attended the University of Toulouse to study law at the age of 13 ⚜ He met his closest friend Étienne de la Boétie at the Parliament of Bordeaux. It is said that after Boétie died, thats when Montaigne begain to write his essays to ease the pain. ⚜ Montaigne had six children, but only one lived after childhood⚜ Montaigne was better known as a statesman rather than a writer


INFLUENCE ON SHAKESPEAREMichel de Montaigne is one of the few writers that influenced Shakespeare especially Montaigne's essay 'On Cannibals'. Some people say around the time 'Hamlet' was made the were elements from the story that were similar to Montaigne's idea's. Montaigne had a direct influnece on Shakespeare with his "Essais".


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