Michael's Nuclear energy

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Michael's Nuclear energy

USES FOR NUCLEAR ENERGYNuclear energy is used in nuclear bombs, nuclear submarines and to drive ships .Nuclear energy is used in about 15 percent of all electricity worldwide .It is also used in runing power plants to make electricity .

THE PROCESS OF NUCLEAR ENERGYThe process of making nuclear energy into electricity starts with using heat that turns water into steam. The steam turns a turbine to make electricity. The benefits of using nuclear energy is that it does not release any harmful gases into the air

WHAT IS NUCLEAR ENERGYThe nucleus core of an atom is the source of nuclear energy. Nuclear energy comes from Uranium. Uranium is a radioactive metal that can be used to generate electricity .

Michael's Nuclear Energy

THE FUTURE OF NUCLEAR ENERGYIn the future nuclear power plants will be more safe. Nuclear energy will be the best way to reduce global warming. Currently China is building 27 nuclear reactars and can make 100 or more by 2030

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