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REVIEW:This is a good book with good adventures and is a lot of fun. This book may not be the best for young kids but could be read. I would recommend this book for people who like action and adventure.

" i want my part in this too pendragon"

"Hobey - Ho lets go!"

the black blob

"Its the reality bug."

SUMMARYAja Killian the traveler from Veelox made a reality bug to make the jumps (travels into the mind) less than perfect. But the reality bug went bad and made the jumps dangerous by putting everyone’s fears into their dreamsSo Aja and another phadder had to suspend the system. To shut down the reality bug they had to shut down lifelight to save the world but no one wanted to leave lifelight so Bobby had his first loss against Saint Dane.

the zips

charicters•aja a girl w/yellow glasses•bobby tall w/ brown hair•Dr. Z old w/ green glasses•Saint Dane long grey hair

time: presentplace: veelox

next book: black water


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