michaelas sound energy

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michaelas sound energy

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sound energySound energy is an energy made up of sound. Sound is a wave of vibrationsthat spreads from its source. Sound is made by air vibrating, these vibrations are calledwaves.

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sound energy's usesThere are many uses of sound energy. Many people only think sound lets you hear things. But sound energy does a lot more than that.Sound energy helps animals communicate and send signals to each other.Also it lets us hear lovelymusic and sounds. Without sound we would have a hard time communicatingand it would interfear with the animals communication and that would interfear withthe ecosystem. That is a few uses for sound energy

sound waves moving fast

sound waves moving slowly

Benefits and Future Impact There are a lot of benefits for sound energy.Sound energy makes it easier to communicate witheach other. Also it makes it easier for animals to communicate and send signals to each other and thatmakes it easier for the food chian and the eco systemto work. Sound energy could cuase a big future impact.It could help with new inventions in the future. Also It could help scientist figure out many things about theworld.We are very lucky o have sound enegy and wesould be very thank full to have sound energy becauselife would be very hard with out sound energy.

Sound Energyby: michaela prostredny

I chose sound energy because Iam very interested about how it works and how we use it in our dialy lives.Also it sounded the most intrestingout of all the other energies.

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