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Michael P. Spraldin

Michael P. Spraldin

Ultimate Attack

Explaining his new book the Youngest Templar.

BiographyMy biography is about author Michael P. Spraldin. He has been nominated for the edgar award. He won the western heritage award. Michael has a family he is a husband and a father. As a kid Michael P. Spraldin grew up in Homer, Michigan.Michael stayed at Homer until he graduated in 1978. He attended to the university of Central Michigan. In 2012 Boys Life magazine published michaels first short story Running With Geronimo. Michael P. Spraldin first novel was Spy Goddess: Live and Let It Shop. Michael has wrote many stories and novels.Michael P. Spraldin is a New York times bestselling author. He is the author of the youngest templar series. He is also the author of the killer species series, and many other books. Michael wrote illustrated or childrens books. He also writes adult novels as well

Important Event1.Into Killing Seas2.Keeper of the Grail3.Trail of Fate4.Orphan Destiny5.Menace of the Deep6.Feeding Frenzy7. Out for Blood8.Ultimate Attack9.Blood Riders10.Daniel Boone's Great Escape

InterestingsFactsMichael has a style of writing has lots of action and adventure. Usually Michael Spraldin has a plot twist at the end of the book. In the book Into Killing Seas one of the main characters doesn't even exist. All of his books are exciting for anyone. Usually his book are written for middle schoolers.

Michael P. Spraldin makes books to where I want to read more and I usually don't do that with different authors. His books put me on the edge of my seat. He keeps me guessing with all the plot twist. When he does have a plot twist they always take me by surprise. All of Michael P. Spraldin books are always interseting.

Out for Blood

Michael P. Spraldin

Youngest Templar

his book Meanace of the Deep


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