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Michael Kinsella

This is a mongoose eating a snake which is extremely common

The yellow area is where mongooses are most commonly found

The Mongoose

The mongoose is a dangerous animal that is an omnivore. It lives mostly in Africa and Asia, and is small yet stealthy.

Diet:Mongoose species have generalized, mainly carnivorous diets, helping themselves to insects, crabs, millipedes, earthworms, reptiles, amphibians, mammals, birds, birds' eggs, fruits, and roots. Their quickness and agility helps them to get around and maneuver around their prey. Although mongooses are mostly known for eating snakes, they do eat many others animals. In all, mongooses have a long range of diet.

Habitat:The mongoose originated in Asia, but then spread widely to Africa. They have also however, spread to some parts of the Carribean. They are mostly located in the southern parts of these countries. They can be found in many types of grounds such as,Grassland, brushland, woodland, rocky country, plains and forests.

Description:Mongooses are considered omnivores although most are carnivores. They have a sleek long body which allows them to be fast and have great agility. Sometimes they can even run up to 37 MPH. They have coarse brown hair and have a bushy tail. They way 340g to 5kg which is very light for an animal. Additionally, they are 7-25 inches long. Although this is small, their speed allows them to be great hunters. Lastly, mongooses can live up to 20 years old.



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