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Michael Jordan

Born: February 17,1963Schooling: Laney High School,North Carolina UniersityTalents: Basketball, BaseballPersonal Life: Gambling ProblemAccomplishments: 10-time All-NBA First Team, 5-time NBA MYP, 6-Time Finals MVP,2-Time Olympic Gold Medalist,1982 NCAA ChampionshipFamily Now: 2006-Divorces his wife Juanita2011-Purposes to his girlfriend Yvette2013-He got married for the second time2014-February 11 his wife gives birth to two identical twin girls Victoria and Ysabel


1963 - Born on February 17 in Wallace, NC1982-North Carolina wins NCAA Championship 1984- Wins Gold in Olympics 1991- Wins NBA Championship1992-Wins Gold on Dream Team1993- Retires unexpectedly1994-Starts playing baseball for the white sox system1994-Jordan comes out of retirement to play for the Bulls1999-Retires again2000-Becomes part owner of the Washington Wizards2001-Comes out of retirement to play for the wizards2003-Retires for the last time

- Touted as the "best basketball player of all time"- Won 6 NBA Championships- 2 time Olympic Gold Medalist-Won 1991 NCAA championship with North Carolina-Inducted into the Naismith Memorial Hall of Fame on Sept 11,2009

Lasting Impact

Michael Jordan is the best basketball player ever and brought popularity and flash to the game.

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Michael Jordan



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