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Michael Jordan

Michael got married to Yvette Preito then he got divorced then he married Juanite Vonlo he had 5 kids Marcus,Jeffrey, Jasmine,Victoria, Yasabel Jordan

Michael Jordan

Michael also play baseball and golfHe played for minor team for 2 years then came back to basketball and now on his free time he plays golf and desgins his shoes and other clothing for his company

Michael Jordan went to UNC

Michael had 3 siblings Larry,Roslyn,and James Jordan JrHis mom name was Deloris Jordan and his dad name is James Jordan Sr

Micheal was born on February 17,1963 in Brooklyn,New Yorkhe is still alive today

Michael also went to Laney High school where he got cut from the basketball team

Michael is loyal to his team,hard working by everytime he losses he does not give upMichael was cut from his jr.varsity team that made him strive to be better and work harder to get back on the basketball team

Michael won 6 NBA championships, Rookie of the year,and MVP award

Michael Jordan's first shoes

Michael Jordan perform amazing freethrow dunk

Michael Jordan's first professional team were he got most of his acheivments

The resourse I used is a book named Sports, Legends Michael Jordan and i used google.

Mchael Jordan is famous because he a sports legend because he broke records he won 6 nba titles people look up to Jordan

Michael Jordan also made it to the USA team


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