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Michael Jordan

Michael Jordan is famously known for his dunks and other things such as " the shrug" and the tongue. MJ was the best player in the world and ke knew that. He made a movie called " space jam" in 1996. Then of course it was his sneakers " Air Jordans" that were famously known. Everybody to this day wants a pair.

Michael Jordan, one of the greatest to ever touch the basketball hardwood floor. Many argue is the greatest. MJ was born on february 17, 1963. Before he was a NBA superstar he was of course a normal kid. In high school he was kicked off the basketball team. Little did they know mike would turn out to be the greatest basketball player to ever play. Of course mike would use all these negatives as motiviation and he just had that competitive drive to acheive greatness.

Michael Jordan


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Mj won the NBA Rookie of year award in 1985. MI was a 6-time NBA champion and he did it in style doing a 3-peat twice. He was a 10-time scoring champion, 5-time NBA Most Valuable Player, 6-time NBA Finals MVP, 11-Time All-NBA first team slection and many more.


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