Michael Jackson biggest icon of all

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Michael Jackson biggest icon of all

Michael Jackson

We see Michael Jackson as a very big and inportant icon. He've been called the king of pop most of his life and someone still call him it today.

Michael Jackson was a loved and repected man because he always loved animals and children. On his cover "dangerous" is there animals dressed up like kings and chrildren on.

unfortunately people started rumors about him using chrildren in a sexual way and he was hated by many people in a long periode... But he never let anything stop him.

Michael Jackson also went though a lot of operations. Because he had a diseas there made him very sick. Some people thought he did it to get attensition and some because he not wanted to be black. But all that was also just rumors.

When he was a little kid. His father was a very big problem. In the beginning his father never let him sing with his brothers because he wasn't good enough. His father was also cheating on his wife (MJ mom) and he struck the children daily.

Michael Jackson died unfortunately in a age of 50 years because of his diseas. But his Music never dies.He is a really icon.R.I.P King of pop.